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Vietnam Jeep Tours is all about the passion for Jeep, the vehicle once widely used during the wartime not only in Vietnam but many other battle fields all over the worlds.

Vietnam Jeep Tours is the pioneer in Vietnam when created adventure concept by offering restored military tactical trucks as mean of discovery in travel programs. First started in wartime historical sites such as Cu Chi Tunnels, Long Tan Battle Field, Rung Sac guerrilla base then gradually expanded to other destinations throughout Vietnam and to Cambodia.

Today, Jeep by itself is not simply the mean of transportation but represents to us the new way of travel. It embraces the freedom, inspires discovery spirit, encourages the toughness and most of all brings sense of self actualization through our travel programs.
So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and let the adventures begin!

Check out Jeep adventures in Angkor

Drive open-air army Jeeps, strolling on busy Saigon streets to visit historical places: War Museum, Presidential Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Rue Catinat, then head out of town, crossing a local ferry to the Can Gio Biosphere Reserve. Visit Rung Sac guerrilla base by speed boat. Great and fun adventures ahead. Why wait?


  • How many Jeeps can you provide?

    It is likely most depends on the time you book, the further time ahead the easier for us to get large numbers. We have arranged up to 35 Jeeps at one time.
  • Destinations Jeep can go?

    As the MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck) Jeep basically can go all terrains, mountains, fields, muddy places, sand dunes, jungles, you name it. However, consider this is restored (some are vintage) Jeep we only design programs that have been through safety test. Your safety comes first.
  • What if Jeep breaks down?

    This do happen sometimes, we have to say. Imagine over 30 years engines even with regular maintenance still have issuses sometimes. What we do is minimize this by checking before tours and do a back up plan to replace when needed. In a large Jeep group we will dispatch mechanics to repair on spot.
  • Can we carry bikes or motorbikes on the Jeeps?

    If you take the tour with various activities then for example bikes or motorbikes will be arranged as described in the itinerary. Depends on the numbers of equipments then we will decide to arrange a separate van to carry these items or attach them behind the Jeeps.


  • What should I bring in the Jeep trip?

    The Jeep has top cover, when the weather is fine can open up and become topless. Thus, things you should bring along we recommend hat, sun block, sunglasses, waterproof bag - basic outdoor stuffs, extra water if you're a heavy water drinker, and not to forget your camera to catch the precious moments in your journey.
  • Can I drive the Jeep?

    Given you have international license, you need to have approved license approved by Vietnam traffic authority to drive in Vietnam. However, as you can imagine the traffic in Vietnam with motorbikes mixed with cars, we don't allow passengers to drive to ensure safety both for people on Jeep and others on the road.
  • Is this safe to travel on these Jeeps?

    The fact is that our Jeeps are not new models and equipped with facilities as air-conditioners or fancy options. Most of them were used during the wartime and were rebuilt with new engines to make sure smooth operation in tours. The concept of our service is adventure and being close to nature so are our Jeeps.



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