Saigon has incredibly managed to preserve war historic evidences in its main attractions. Saigon will carry you through an emotional experience; reminisce of the time of war through its very sombre parts to fascinating historical activities. It is a weave of two cultures embedded in French architecture and perfectly maintained American war planes. Touring through Saigon is like walking through the past into a brand new future lined with skyscrapers.

Our Jeeps lead you on an escape from Saigon for a very fun trip where you will join in cooking classes in a farm with a “celebrity chef”,  an experience in the Cu Chi tunnel afterward is somewhat like stepping into a soldier’s travel. On a different day, overview Saigon on a topless Jeep and enjoy lunch at a fine restaurant will be the perfect conclusion for an exclusive day.

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    Saigon in Style

    Saigon, South, Jeep Tours

    Have a different way to Saigon by driving passing by the city’s landmarks, visit an unique Vietnamese traditional medicine museum and Binh Tay market in oldest part of the city.

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      Good Morning Saigon

      Saigon, South, Jeep Tours

      Wake up early, grab your camera, jump on Jeep and drive to the different parts (even slum dogs) of Saigon to see how Saigonese start their new day. You will…

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      Dinning by Saigon Riverside

        Dining by Saigon Riverside

        Saigon, South, Jeep Tours

        Make your dinner become something unusual by being transferred by an army Jeep to a beautiful restaurant by the river; enjoying its delicious foods and have a fun drive in…

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          The Cu Chi Tunnels

          Saigon, South, Jeep Tours

          You will visit the Headquarter of NLF (National liberation front of South Vietnam during Vietnam War) by US Army’s Jeep. This can be an unforgettable trip of discovery the amazing…

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