Safety Concerns

Safety Updates On Our Jeep Tours

We would like to update the travel safety on our jeep tours as below:

-All passengers are insured during the trip with highest value package (US$20,000) from our partner insurer (Bao Minh), details of the package as enclosed.

-Since 2016, trips by us have been provided with safety kits, contacts for emergency cases. We are also working on the plan to provide proper first aid training to our on field service staffs.
-With large groups we provide van/pick up truck as a back up solution whenever there is a situation.
-Finally, as a fully licensed inbound tour operator we are bonded by the liabilities required by Government bodies to deal with cases out of expectation.

We understand there are always potential risks in all general travel activities and therefore proactive measurements should be taken into consideration to ensure safety for our clients before the fun and adventure facts.

Thank you for your cooperation